Pamela McConnell


University of Miami

Frost School of Music

Coral Gables, FLorida

Faculty Profile

Frost School of Music


  Bergonzi String Quartet

Founder and Director:

  UM String Academy


  String Chamber Music



  Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp

Mendelssohn String Quartets

Bergonzi LIVE


For Bergonzi Four

By Arrangement Only

Llindsay Jazz Octet

Ginastera String quartet

Kam String Quartet

Fuchs String Quartet

Sleeper String Quartet

Cadman String Quartet

She plays the viola for all it’s worth.

She does more than play it, she lives it..

(because)...her every move makes her

an integral part of the instrument

and the sound it brings forth.

                               --George Weigh,

                   Waterbury, Connecticut


Professor of Viola